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Power of Positivity in Business

By Vinney Chopra

January 16, 2024

Being impeccable with your words is one of the most powerful things you can do to achieve success in business and life. Your words have immense power—they can uplift and inspire, or they can destroy and deflate. Learning to harness the power of your words can transform your relationships, career, and overall wellbeing.

In this blog post, we'll explore 7 steps for being impeccable with your words, drawing wisdom from the acclaimed book “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. We'll also share insights from renowned real estate investor and author Vinney Chopra on how being impeccable with your words is key to raising capital and building thriving businesses.

Let's dive in!

Step 1: Cultivate Self-Awareness 

The first step to being impeccable with your words is developing self-awareness. Pay attention to your internal self-talk—are you overly negative or critical of yourself? Make a conscious effort to replace negative self-talk with positive, empowering messages. Speaking kindly to yourself builds self-confidence and the ability to communicate positively with others.

As Vinney Chopra shares, “If you're too negative and you're always saying negative things to yourself, I'm no good. I'm not this, I'm not that…that self-talk, what we are talking to ourselves, is going to degrade us. So it's so important that we give very positive self talk.”

Step 2: Speak with Integrity

Make it a rule to always speak with integrity. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and follow through on your word. Integrity builds trust in relationships and establishes your reputation. Investors and partners want to work with people of high character they can count on.

In Vinney's words, “When I meet with [investors], I want to share with them the best of the best…and share with them everything with total integrity, honesty, and transparency.”

Step 3: Avoid Making Assumptions

Be cautious about making assumptions about others. Don't pre-judge someone's ability to help you or receptiveness to your message. Vinney advises against rationalizing reasons not to reach out to someone, warning that assumptions can cause you to miss key opportunities.

Step 4: Stay True to Your Commitments

Honor your word and stay true to commitments. If for some reason you cannot follow through on a commitment, be upfront about it. Nothing destroys trust faster than breaking commitments.

As Vinney emphasizes, “Commitment is the main thing…If you committed but you cannot deliver, you go back to that person and say, ‘By mistake, I've said this…I cannot do what I promised you.'”

Step 5: Practice Mindful Listening

Listening is just as important as speaking. When conversing with others, listen deeply without interrupting. Pay attention to what they say and how they say it. Mindful listening builds connection and understanding.

Vinney stresses the importance of discerning if people are truly receptive before speaking: “A teacher appears if the student is ready to learn, a teacher appears…Are they ready to listen? Would they be able to uplift with that thing? What they are hearing from you?”

Step 6: Use Your Words to Uplift and Empower

Choose words that uplift and empower yourself and others. Words can either deflate or inspire those around you. Vinney advocates using words “with integrity, responsible nature and conscious matter.” Share your vision, passion and wisdom to motivate people to action.

Step 7: Embrace the Power of Silence

Silence can convey more than words. After asking someone a question, resist the urge to keep talking. Let them respond and reveal their thoughts. Vinney notes, “The worst person, the first person that breaks the silence loses.” Silence creates space for deeper connection.

Mastering these seven steps for being impeccable with your words takes mindfulness and practice. But doing so can profoundly impact your success and relationships. As you move through your days, be conscious of the words you speak and how you might uplift others.

And if you ever find yourself doubting the power of your words, remember this quote Vinney mentioned from his early teachings:

“A teacher appears when the student is ready to learn.”

You have the power to teach, inspire and motivate others through your words. But first, you must cultivate awareness to use your words impeccably. When you do, you create ripples of positive change in the world.

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